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Single Drum Roller ASC 50

The ASC 50-HD are serially equipped with a variable compaction output. Hereby the machines can be used on any type of terrain, allows compaction above pipes and leaves an even surface.

On the ASC 50-HD it is additionally possible to switch between the following two options:

  1. Combination of low frequency with high amplitude and compaction force

  2. Combination of high frequency with lower amplitude and compaction force

This enables the roller to be adapted to various soil types and fields of application.

Product Price: $ 330.00
Product Shipping
  • Dlvd 1/2 hr.around: $ 75.00
  • P/U 1/2 hr.around: $ 75.00

Product Description


  • Version:      Smooth drum
  • Weight:      9,920 lb.
  • Drum Width:   54″
  • Gradeability (Smooth/Pad):  50%
  • Centrifugal Force:   100 KN.
  • Powered By:     Diesel