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Predator 750-Portable air Scrubber

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Predator 750-Portable air Scrubber


The PRED750 is the best portable air scrubber on the market for creating and maintaining negative pressure and removing airborne contaminants during construction, renovation and remediation projects.

  • 200-750 cfm, Variable Speed Airflow
  • Power-Provide 6 air changes per hour @ 5,000-6,000 ft3
  • Portable and Incredibly Lightweight (35 pounds with filters)
  • User-Friendly Controls and Secure Staking
  • Durable, Polyethylene Cabinet Made From UL94HB Flame Retardant Resin
  • Three filter system, tested and certified to a minimum efficiency of 99.97% against 0.3 micron size particles


Airflow: 200-750 cfm
Air changes per hour: 6 ACH in 6000-7500 ft3
Net weight: 35 lbs
Operating amperage: 1.9 AMPS
Daisy-chain: Up to 5 units


Filter pad $4.00
Filter pleated (optional) $15.00
Filter pleated carbon (optional) $28.00