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MVC64VHW 14″ Mikasa Plate Compactor 2019

$2840.50 + Taxes

2,275cf, Honda GX120, 13.8in. plate

Highly maneuverable, ideal for small jobs and narrow areas.

•Solid, high-strength steel base plate with curved edges provides top performance
•Extra-thick plate in back provides longer wear time
•Economical plate now features anti-vibration handle system
•Water tank holds 2.9 gallons (11 liters)

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$3562.00 + Taxes

Ideal for form-to-form and wet screeding

The DuoScreed™ sports a unique blade profile that enables just one operator to quickly and accurately strike off concrete floors using a single blade for both form-to-form or wet screeding applications.

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MTX50HD Jumping Jack/Rammer 2019

$4400.50 +taxes

Honda GX100 Engine, 2,316 lb impact force, 10.4 in shoe

For applications requiring even greater productivity from enhanced operator comfort, Multiquip’s Mikasa MTX50HD 4-cycle rammer is the answer. Now in a lighter package with all the MTX features you have come to appreciate it is certain to become the industry standard for lightweight rammers.

MTX-Series rammers are renowned for performance and ease of operation. The MTX-Series includes the features most preferred by contractors such as:
•Cyclonic air cleaners that capture 98% of airborne dust particles
•Long-lasting laminated wood and steel shoe
•Low vibration handles for operator comfort
•Combination hour meter/tachometer
•Durable guards to protect the engine from damage
•Redesigned fuel tank to meet EPA standards for evaporative emmissions

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Concrete Grinder 10″

•Perfect for indoor surface grinding applications, including garage, kitchen, basement or patio
•Grinds down concrete high spots, removes sealers and thin mil paints, removes mastics and preps floors to accept new coatings
•Conveniently plugs into any standard 110V outlet & 20 AMP

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Hepa Concrete Dust Extractor

S 13 is a quiet-operating single-phase HEPA DUST COLLECTOR to match the power cutter Husqvarna K 3000, hand held grinders, small grinders 5-7”, small scarifier and drywall sanders. This professional DUST EXTRACTOR is an all-around construction vacuum for picking-up a wide range of building materials and debris. Equipped with a tested and certified HEPA H13 filter. Features include Jet Pulse pre-filter cleaning and vacuum meter for filter control.

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Wheelbarrow Wheels


15” Diameter 480/400-8 Wheel (Standard Duty)

Great replacement wheel for 5 and 6 cubic feet wheelbarrows. Ideal for new equipment, construction

rentals, maintenance crews equipment, landscapers, homeowners, etc.

Standard: 1 pc centered wheel hub with 5/8″ ball bearings & grease fitting.

Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange



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TUFX Flat free tire wheelbarrow

The lightest and strongest wheelbarrows in the industry!



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Roll-off Containers 10 Yards

Roll-off containers, for a fast and flexible service!

Roll-off containers for construction and renovation materials. They are suitable for medium as well as large quantities.

*Plus tonnage

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Roll-off containers, for a fast and flexible service!

J. Connelly Rental Ltd now offers  20 yards container

Roll-off containers for construction and renovation materials. They are suitable for medium as well as large quantities.

*Plus tonnage


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Stump Cutter SC362

The new SC362 stump cutter was developed with rental yards and tree care contractors in mind offering a compact, high horsepower machine for stump removal. Equipped with a 35-hp (26.1 kW) Vanguard engine, a hydraulic ground drive and a belt driven cutter head, the SC362 provides operators with ample power and maneuverability to take out medium-sized stumps with the productivity and reliability that the field demands.

Features and Benefits

  •  A35-hp (26.1 kW)Vanguard gasoline engine offers low vibration, low emissions and a limited three-year warranty.
  • Move easily between stumps with the selectable two-speed ground drive.


  • Weight:  1320 lbs
  • Length: 110″
  • Width:  49.8”
  • Overall Width Transport (without duals): 35”
  • Overall Width Transport (with duals): 49.8”
  • Height: 53”