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Wheelbarrow Wheels

$65.00 15” Diameter 480/400-8 Wheel (Standard Duty) Great replacement wheel for 5 and 6 cubic feet wheelbarrows. Ideal for new equipment, construction rentals, maintenance crews equipment, landscapers, homeowners, etc. Standard: 1 pc centered wheel hub with 5/8″ ball bearings & grease fitting. Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow & Orange    

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TUFX Flat free tire wheelbarrow

The lightest and strongest wheelbarrows in the industry! $230.00  

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Classen Aerator 24

$1000.00 2002 The soil compaction results in getting the dirt particles together, which do not allow the supply of water, nitrates, potassium, oxygen and phosphorus to reach the grass roots. Hence, here comes the Aerator Rental that works effectively in improving the quality of soil by removing the compactness and letting the grass roots grow and

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SC70 Air compressor-70 CFM

$2500.00 2006 Ideal for breakers, rock drills, cut-off saws, painting, chipping hammers, graffiti removal, post drivers, nail guns, staple guns and much more… SPECIFICATIONS Free air delivery:   70 cfm Working Pressure:    100 psi

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Predator 750-Portable air Scrubber

PRED750 The PRED750 is the best portable air scrubber on the market for creating and maintaining negative pressure and removing airborne contaminants during construction, renovation and remediation projects. 200-750 cfm, Variable Speed Airflow Power-Provide 6 air changes per hour @ 5,000-6,000 ft3 Portable and Incredibly Lightweight (35 pounds with filters) User-Friendly Controls and Secure Staking

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Roll-off Containers 10 Yards

Roll-off containers, for a fast and flexible service! Roll-off containers for construction and renovation materials. They are suitable for medium as well as large quantities. *Plus tonnage

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